Malting Goes Ashore

Offloading Malting at Kinsale

A crane offloads malting from the cargo ship Arklow Cape.

Early yesterday morning as I walked beside the Pier Road in Kinsale, long lorries passed me every few minutes in one direction or the other. It turned out that they were hauling malting from a cargo ship — the Arklow Cape, moored at the Port of Kinsale — to a place nearby where the cargo would be weighed on public scales, then stored for distribution to area distilleries and breweries.

I talked to one of the fellows supervising the offloading, and he said that you might see twenty-or-so visits of such cargo ships in a year at the Port of Kinsale. I’ve seen a few of them already, and I’ve seen some other interesting ships moored at the port, including the Irish Naval Service patrol vessel LÉ Ciara (pictured below).

LÉ Ciara

The patrol vessel LÉ Ciara of the Irish Naval Service visits the Port of Kinsale.